Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Show – March 22, 2015



Join us at the 36th Annual Los Angeles Vintage Paperback Show. We’ll be signing and selling the latest books from Cycatrix Press, Jason V Brock, and William F. Nolan.



Interview with Jason V Brock on Comics Grinder

Check out this very well-done interview with Jason V Brock by Henry Chamberlain over at Comics Grinder.





SIGNING: OCT 25 – Horrorcon at Book Bin East in Salem, OR


Join us at Book Bin East in Salem, OR for a major signing event.

Saturday, October 25 at 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Horrorcon at Book Bin East

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TODAY July 10 – Sunni’s History Notes

Earl Hamner (born on July 10, 1923) and George Clayton Johnson (born on July 10, 1929), a pair of literary legends who wrote classic episodes of Rod Serling's original TWILIGHT ZONE series (Earl's "The Hunt," "Stopover in a Quiet Town" and "Jess-Belle" and George's "Kick the Can," "Nothing in the Dark" and "A Game of Pool"

Holidays and observances

TODAY July 9 – Sunni’s History Notes


Holidays and observances

TODAY July 8 – Sunni’s History Notes


Holidays and observances[edit]

TODAY July 7 – Sunni’s History Notes


Holidays and observances

  • Chocolate Day
  • Tell the Truth Day
  • Global Forgiveness Day
  • Independence Day, celebrates the independence of Solomon Islands from the United Kingdom in 1978.
  • Ivan Kupala Day (Belarus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine)
  • Saba Saba Day (Tanzania)
  • Tanabata (Japan)

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TODAY July 6 – Sunni’s History Notes


Holidays and observances

TODAY July 5 – Sunni’s History Notes

John Lennon and his Rolls Royce.

Holidays and observances