1-year-old panda cub gets 200-lb. ice cake for birthday

Happy (belated) birthday, Xiao Liwu! The San Diego Zoo’s giant panda cub celebrated his first birthday on Monday with a 200-pound, three-tiered ice cake to share with mom Bai Yun. Xiao Liwu, whose name means “little gift,” weighs over 41 pounds now, but is still nursing. Though he can’t eat solids yet, the cub definitely has a sweet tooth: He was a little shy at first, but eventually dug into his… Continue reading

New program helps homeless families keep their pets

See the original post: New program helps homeless families keep their pets Continue reading

Two-headed turtle gains thousands of followers on Facebook

Two-headed turtle Thelma and Louise now has two things in common with its namesake: Texas and celebrity status. The bisephalic Texas cooter, born at the San Antonio Zoo on June 18, is now certifiably Facebook famous with over 3,200 followers and counting.The zoo created a personal page for the turtle on July 23, but traded that one for a celebrity account on Monday morning, due to a “tremendous ou… Continue reading

Will Grumpy Cat coffee drinks turn that frown upside down?

Maybe a jolt of caffeine will take some of the grouch out of Grumpy Cat.A new line of iced coffee drinks branded with the feline’s famous frown will be available in stores and online beginning in September, according to the cat’s website.The Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino will come in three flavors – coffee, mocha and vanilla. “It’s awfully good,” is the slogan for the drinks.The famous cat (whose real n… Continue reading