Gothic Lovecraft

Gothic Lovecraft Product DescriptionThis fascinating anthology contains all unpublished works–with the sole exception of one fine reprint which exemplifies the theme of the book–fusing the idioms of Lovecraft and the Gothic tradition by promising newcomers and outstanding veterans alike: Donald R. Burleson – “The Shadow over Lear” Don Webb –… Continue reading

Grimoires Throughout History

The history of grimoires is as extended and tumultuous as human curiosity in magic has always been. From ancient Mesopotamia through the witch hunts of Europe for the duration of the Early Modern time extending to the present time, the occult has equally captivated and repelled. Grimoires are fascinating because… Continue reading

Simulacrum and Other Possible Realities

Simulacrum and Other Possible Realities Product DescriptionJason V Brock is one of the most dynamic young writers of weird and science fiction, and this first collection of his short fiction reveals the wide diversity of his talents and the gripping power and intensity of his conceptions. Among these sixteen stories… Continue reading