'Free hot dog' on vehicle's bumper perplexes Texas deputy

'Free hot dog' on vehicle's bumper perplexes Texas deputy

Jan. 2 (UPI) — A Texas sheriff’s office shared the tale of a baffled deputy who pulled over a vehicle with a “free hot dog” resting on its rear bumper and a sign advertising it as such.

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office said the deputy pulled over a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck in mid-December for a traffic violation and soon spotted a hot dog resting on the vehicle’s bumper with a “free hot dog” sign on Farm to Market Road 2126.

“Naturally, my curiosity is raised at this point, and I make contact with the driver. I advised the driver of his traffic violation, and then inquire about his rear bumper,” the sheriff’s office said.

The Facebook post recounted the conversation between the deputy and the driver, who was let go with a warning.

“Driver: funny story actually.. I spent the day in Waco and had some hot dogs for lunch. I set one on the rear bumper and somehow forgot about it and continued running errands around Waco. It wasn’t until several people asked about the hot dog, at several different locations, that I realized I had left it on there, so I put a little note on the bumper.

Me: is the hot dog glued on there or what?

Driver: What?! You mean it’s still there? That’s insane!

Me: yes sir, still there! (I’m laughing hard at this point)


Me: Apparently so!

Me: do you mind if I take a picture?

Driver: Go right ahead!

So, I went and took this picture of a well-traveled hot dog.

Me: Sir, it is apparent that you are a cautious driver, so you’re only gonna receive a verbal warning for your violation… and thank you, this made my day.

Driver: maybe I should drive around with a hot dog on my bumper all the time, so I don’t get any tickets!”

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