Poison Dart Frogs

If you were to come across a poison dart frog you would probably be surprised at the size of these sometimes fatally poisonous frogs. Of course, you won’t stumble across poison dart frogs, or poison arrow frogs, anywhere in the continental United States. They are normally found from Brazil to… Continue reading

Becoming Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is the practice of eating a plant-based diet of fruits, seeds, vegetables, nuts and beans. Vegetarians typically eat eggs, dairy products and other animal derivatives, while vegans steer completely clear of anything containing animal products. The commonality between the different levels of vegetarianism is that none eat the actual… Continue reading

Know about Monarch Butterfly Kit and how long the Geckos live

After a hard day at work or the hard dealings of the world, we all love to come back home to something that we can call our own and care for it like anything. This sense of responsibility and caring is instilled in us right from our childhood that continues… Continue reading

5 Best Places To Visit in Chennai and Short Stay Rentals near These Tourist Places

Are you planning to tour in Chennai? We have a list of places that you should visit when you are in Chennai. Marina Beach: Marina is the second longest magnificent beach in the world. The glittery golden sand and the sight where the sky meets the sea is such a… Continue reading

Understanding Iguana Characteristics and Behaviours

Iguanas are considered as a relative of lizards. They are among the exotic animals that are kept as pets by some people in the present-day society. In fact, there are many pet shops now that sell iguanas at a fairly low price. The iguanas that are usually sold in these… Continue reading