Exotic pets facts for proud owners: hairy bush vipers and tortoises

When you think of snakes and tortoises, the word pet doesn’t naturally come to you. However, in the recent years, there has been an increased growth in the demand for exotic pets. Snakes are some of the most beautiful creatures present on the planet and tortoises are one of the… Continue reading

Learning more about plants and animals at Learning Cloud

Australia and New Zealand is the home to many of the world’s rare species of plants, animals and insects. Therefore doing a course in environment and wildlife can help one in building a satisfying career. It teaches one about the delicate balance in all the natural processes that keeps the… Continue reading

Iguana Supplies – Some Accessories You Should Include In Iguana Habitats

There are a few things that an iguana habitat must provide in order for you iguana to survive: controlled temperature and humidity, proper lights for heat and UV rays, and of course enough space for your iguana to be comfortable. But these are really just the basics for survival –… Continue reading

Entomology Symposium

The types of entomology include agricultural entomology, techniques in entomology, medical entomology, herpetology and ornithology, and forensic entomology. All the specializations play a major part in contributing to the bigger entomology discipline. The studies in entomology concern mostly the insects that are found in varying habitats and climates on the… Continue reading

The Austin Science and Nature Center

Hidden in the midst of the hike and bike trails that lead through Zilker Park is an Austin jewel: the Austin Science and Nature Center. The nature center offers many educational and interesting features, including interactive displays, hands-on exhibits, science trails with recorded information at each stop, and a live… Continue reading