Pet Tortoises Are Amazing Reptiles

To some people, reptiles are creepy and not many of them would consider them as pets. However, just like ecologists who like spending their time learning about vegetation, there are people who love having reptiles around them, caring for them and simply loving their presence. It is an awkward experience… Continue reading

Grimoires Throughout History

The history of grimoires is as extended and tumultuous as human curiosity in magic has always been. From ancient Mesopotamia through the witch hunts of Europe for the duration of the Early Modern time extending to the present time, the occult has equally captivated and repelled. Grimoires are fascinating because… Continue reading

All The Unknown Secrets Of Iguanas

The most common iguana is the green iguana and is easily recognized with its bright green color. Like most iguanas it also contains the traditional spikes running down the centre of its back. Most of you will know that iguanas are masters of camouflage and have the ability to change… Continue reading