The Austin Science and Nature Center

Hidden in the midst of the hike and bike trails that lead through Zilker Park is an Austin jewel: the Austin Science and Nature Center. The nature center offers many educational and interesting features, including interactive displays, hands-on exhibits, science trails with recorded information at each stop, and a live… Continue reading

Organ transplantation: an important stream under medical education

Medical education incorporates a lot of streams, such as medical sciences, medicines, surgeries, treatments, etc. An individual aiming to become a medical expert can either go for a general stream or can become specialized in any particular branch. One such important branch under medical education is organ transplantation. For candidates… Continue reading

Benefits of Shree Yantra with Tortoise and Naag Devta

As the name suggests its Sri Yantra, mounted at the back of tortoise upwards and with Nag devta is also significant because in Hindu mythology, it is believed that the tortoise lifted the weight of the earth on its back. The tortoise is particularly relevant as it is a very… Continue reading

Essential Components For Iguana Cages

Whenever individuals wonder of adopting an iguana, certain questions come to mind. Usually, one of these questions is: Where can I keep her? People then search to find out the requirements of a good cage for an iguana. If you are trying to find the best iguana cage then here… Continue reading

Post Hibernation Anorexia (PHA) in Tortoises

Post hibernation anorexia (PHA) is a very common problem in pet tortoises at this time of the year, and can be frustrating to treat. Prevention is much preferable to treatment, and with the correct husbandry, dietary practices and hibernation preparation, this is easily achievable. Sadly, post hibernation problems recur each… Continue reading