Monarch Butterfly Migration and this associated with it

The Monarch Butterflies are milky weed butterflies of the Nymphalidae families, one would find almost on a daily basis, in the North American countries, flattering their way onto the streets, gardens, the porch of your office building etc. Their type is easily recognizable from a distance as their wings have… Continue reading

Looking For Snakes And Reptiles

There are not many places in the world that haven’t been colonised by snakes and other reptiles. Snakes are even to be found in cities, although it is only the friendlier ones that tend to survive human wrath. However, if you want to find some of the more uncommon snakes,… Continue reading

Animal Welfare Or Animal Rights?

In Dominion Over Wildlife, Dr. Stephen M. Vantassel instructs the Evangelical Christian to consider the biblical, ethical, and scientific issues before adopting an animal rights position. Dominion points out Evangelicals are biblically mandated to protect animal conservation. When reviewing the chapters of this book, one is convicted of the vast… Continue reading

Common Misconceptions About Vegetarianism – Important Things You Need to Know

Vegetarianism is both a diet regimen and a lifestyle. It is marked by eating only plant-based foods and shunning meat like pork and beef. While pure vegetarians or vegans only consume plant foods and consider all meat, including fish, and anything derived from meat sources, such as eggs and dairy,… Continue reading

An Insight Into The Pet Life Of Tortoises And The Common Shrew

Embed from Getty Images The feeding program of tortoises: what do tortoises eat? With the number of people interested in keeping tortoises as pets, it is important to understand what the life of this animal looks like, how it feeds and other life-sustaining processes. With the number of tortoise varieties,… Continue reading