Zone Diet – Vegetarian

Dispel the notion that Zone diet is meant only for those who eat non-vegetarian foods. If you are a vegetarian you can convert your diet into a Zone diet vegetarian meal. This excellent diet is not based on being vegetarian or non-vegetarian. It is purely a diet based on carbohydrates,… Continue reading

Frog Tattoos

Frog tattoos may seem an odd choice for a design, but there are probably some things about frogs that may surprise you. When you consider their popularity in our society today plus the meanings of frogs in many different cultures, you will see why frog tattoos may not be so… Continue reading

What Do Tortoises Eat?

In order for your tortoise to remain healthy good nutrition is paramount. This will ensure it has a strong immune system and will have normal growth, plus their shell will not grow to be deformed. There are a number of factors to consider that will contribute to your pet’s nutritional… Continue reading

Looking to Get a Pet Iguana?

Before deciding on purchasing a pet iguana, you should be informed of the basic requirements for keeping such a pet. It is not wise to choose an iguana as a pet because your friends have got one or because it is the new trend. It is a difficult task to… Continue reading

Are You Ready For a Pet Iguana?

Iguanas are not a low maintenance pet like some people may think, but they definitely are great pets to own. Iguanas require certain needs to be met just like other pets and once you learn about these needs you will be well prepared for raising your own pet iguana properly.… Continue reading