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Gain a Child, Lose a Tooth: Myth or Reality? Continue reading

Singer with world’s deepest voice gets album offer

A US man who has a voice that can go so deep that the human ear cannot hear it has been chosen to sing on a album put together by the composer of last year’s Royal wedding music. Weird News – Funny and strange news – How About That Continue reading

Deer raid bird feeder in Tennessee

Mark Humphrey / AP Deer eat from a bird feeder on Aug. 18, in Nashville, Tenn. More PhotoBlog posts of deer Cute Animals – Pets, Baby Pictures Stories & News – Animal Tracks | Blogs Continue reading

Driver swerves to miss moose, hits bear

What are the odds? (Weird News) Continue reading

Skydivers miss airport, land on Navy sub base

A pair of skydivers say strong winds blew them off course on Sunday, causing them to land inside a high-security U.S. Navy submarine base in Georgia. (Weird News) Continue reading