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Charles Beaumont DVD signing at Dark Delicacies in L.A.!

Greetings! On Saturday, March 26th, 2011 at 2pm, there will be a special guest signing for the DVD release Charles Beaumont: The Short Life of Twilight Zone’s Magic Man. The DVDs on sale will be both the 90-minute cut of the film, as well as the 120-minute Director’s Cut: the release is from JaSunni… Continue reading

Press Release from the University of Kansas, Lawrence: Charles Beaumont Documentary

“LAWRENCE, KS – The University of Kansas will host the Midwest Premiere of a documentary about the late, legendary science fiction writer Charles Beaumont. The showing will be co-sponsored by Prof. James Gunn, The Center for the Study of Science Fiction and the Film and Television department. Charles Beaumont: The… Continue reading


Image by JaSunni Productions, LLC/Cycatrix Press via Flickr This is a test post from , a fancy photo sharing thing. Continue reading

Jason V Brock on ‘The Joe Parrington Experience’

Image by JaSunni Productions, LLC/Cycatrix Press via Flickr Had a wide-ranging interview conducted by Joe Parrington on his syndicated show,  ‘The Joe Parrington Experience’ (KLAY 1180 AM). For your listening enjoyment, here’s the discussion —  Jason V Brock Interview on Joe Parrington Experience Topics included my band ChiaroscurO (along with… Continue reading

Brilliant artist Wolfgang Grasse passes on…

Image by JaSunni Productions, LLC/Cycatrix Press via Flickr (Jason and Prof. Ernst Fuchs in Klagenfurt, Austria) This happened a couple of years ago, but my feelings are the same as the day I wrote this blog: The death of Herr Grasse is tragic. I am in the process of a… Continue reading