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Brilliant artist Wolfgang Grasse passes on…

Image by JaSunni Productions, LLC/Cycatrix Press via Flickr (Jason and Prof. Ernst Fuchs in Klagenfurt, Austria) This happened a couple of years ago, but my feelings are the same as the day I wrote this blog: The death of Herr Grasse is tragic. I am in the process of a… Continue reading

On my grandmother’s death…

Image by JaSunni Productions, LLC/Cycatrix Press via Flickr This is a very nice blog posted by my sister. My grandmother (who helped raise me on a farm in Huntersville, NC when my mom and I lived in a trailer on Maw-Maw’s property after my mom’s divorce from my dad) passed… Continue reading

Notes from a seasoned editor…

Image via Wikipedia Here are some things that I feel are important for writers (filmmakers, musicians and artists, as well) to grasp, pro and con: a lot of this is based on various writing books I’ve read, and some is personal observation. This will be updated at intervals. Here goes:… Continue reading

My friend, Dan O’Bannon (1946-2009)

Image via Wikipedia My wife, Sunni, and I have had the great pleasure of getting to know Dan O’Bannon and his wife, Diane, and their son Adam. The first time we met was at the Egyptian Theatre showing of Return of the Living Dead. Sunni and I were in the… Continue reading

The long, sordid history of my old band, ChiaroscurO

Image by JaSunni Productions, LLC/Cycatrix Press via Flickr (Left is Peter Gric, on the Right is Jason V Brock in Gric’s home in Vienna) From the blog of Henry Covert: ChiaroscurO was founded by Jason V Brock in 1985 as Circa. (Brock’s musical career was storied and influential; his step-father… Continue reading