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Ryan Lochte vs. Michael Phelps: Why Rivalries Make Us Better

Research shows rivalry can boost athletic performance by as much as 2 percent, and having a rival helps motivate people in their daily lives, too. Continue reading

‘Monster’ washes up on New York beach

The corpse of a mystery animal which washed up on the shore of New York’s East River has sparked a wave of conspiracy theories with online debates asking whether it is the carcass of a dog, a pig or an altogether more sinister creature. Weird News – Funny and strange… Continue reading

When It’s Raining, Run, Don’t Walk

The age-old question of whether to run or walk in the rain has a new answer. In most cases, you can keep driest by running as quickly as possible. Continue reading

People interact with 3D paintings at the Magic Art exhibition in China

People interact with 3D paintings at the Magic Art exhibition in China. Weird News – Funny and strange news – How About That Continue reading

Meow! Stowaway kitty is on the mend (and finds his voice)

Los Angeles County DACC Ni Hao already has dozens of foster parents and adopters interested in taking him home after he recovers. Danika Fears writes Ni Hao, the stowaway kitten from Shanghai, meowed for the first time Tuesday morning at the Carson Animal Care Center in California. “We finally got… Continue reading