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New interview with Jason V Brock, Sunni K Brock and William F. Nolan at KillerCon 3, 2011!

Check out this great new interview! Much new info about LOTS of projects!! Thanks to Gard Goldsmith! And KillerCon was a BLAST! See you there in 2012!! (NOTE: Our segment starts at the 31:00 minute mark…) LOVECRAFT’S VISIONS AT THE SEATTLE ART MUSEUM – OCT. 7th – 9th, 2011: (… Continue reading

Jason V Brock: Guest Writer for September at Shadow Writers

I’ll be the September Guest Writer at Paul Kane’s Shadow Writer: I’m in fine company there, I’ll tell you (Ramsey Campbell, Neil Gaiman, and Nancy Kilpatrick to name but a few)! Scroll to the bottom for the most recent entry (moi), and check out the rest while you’re at it!! Thanks Paul!   Here’s the link:… Continue reading

Interview on The Twilight Zone Network…

A great podcast interview Sunni and I did recently about the Beaumont documentary! Check it out!!  http://www.thetwilightzonenetw?   We discuss all sorts of stuff with Tom from The Twilight Zone Network (great site, nice guy, and excellent interviewer)… Roger Corman! “The AckerMonster Chronicles” (our upcoming doc about the late, great… Continue reading

Visit our revamped Store!

  New! Improved! Go there NOW!!   Discounts! Pre-Orders! Time to shop! Continue reading

UPDATE — IMMEDIATE RELEASE: TOC for “The Devil’s Coattails”, and the first Ad for the book…

*Stock is running low on the Signed/Lettered edition* PRE-ORDER NOW! Final Table of Contents:     This is the first Official Ad: Continue reading