Will Grumpy Cat coffee drinks turn that frown upside down?

Maybe a jolt of caffeine will take some of the grouch out of Grumpy Cat.A new line of iced coffee drinks branded with the feline’s famous frown will be available in stores and online beginning in September, according to the cat’s website.The Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino will come in three flavors – coffee, mocha and vanilla. “It’s awfully good,” is the slogan for the drinks.The famous cat (whose real n… Continue reading

Ask the Vet: How to combat fleas, alleviate separation anxiety and more

Let’s face it: we animal lovers and owners can’t get enough information to protect and keep our “fur angels” safe and healthy, right? That’s why I came up with this idea to do a regular segment with a vet, addressing all kinds of pet-related problems.This latest segment with Dr. Brett Levitzke highlights three topics that all pet owners have dealt with at some point — like fleas and ticks (ugh!). … Continue reading

Teens follow message in the woods to rescue lost dog

Five teenagers were enjoying the tail end of their first adult-free canoe trip on Sunday when they found a startling note inscribed on a rock near the shore of a small island in Cook County, Minn. “Lost dog. Call DNR. Red Sheltie,” the charcoal-written plea read. At first the friends, all current or former cross-country captains at Minnetonka High School, assumed the dog was long gone or had alrea… Continue reading

Hoda and Dean meet a baby bobcat, but not Bigfoot

Source: Hoda and Dean meet a baby bobcat, but not Bigfoot Continue reading

Doggone! Revisit pooch that surfs, dives in pool

Source:   Doggone! Revisit pooch that surfs, dives in pool Continue reading