Photographer offers stunning look at lions

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‘Dogs Gone Wild’: Hoda, viewers show off crazy pooches

Hoda’s cockapoo gets a little cuckoo every night.Blake, the little pup Hoda adopted earlier this year, has an unusual evening ritual around 7 p.m.“He runs like a crazy Tasmanian devil dog,” she said Wednesday after showing a video she captured of Blake going nuts running around her apartment living room – on the floor, on the couch – before suddenly settling down in a chair as if nothing happened…. Continue reading

Jeremy Renner offers $5,000 reward for his missing dog

Jeremy Renner’s French bulldog has gone missing in the mean streets of Los Angeles — and he’s asking the public for help finding his beloved pet.Renner’s adorable one-and-a-half-year-old dog Hemi flew the coop on July 19, after a power failure caused the front grate of the actor’s home near Runyon Canyon to slide open.With the help of local pet search organization Ninja Dog Concepts, Renner set up… Continue reading

‘My furry foil’: How a goofy dog inspired author with ALS to write again

Editor’s note: In case anyone needed evidence that Susan Spencer-Wendel is unstoppable, consider this: When she lost her mobility to Lou Gehrig’s disease, the longtime journalist used her right thumb to write a 357-page memoir on her iPhone. Today, Susan, 46, can no longer control her thumb, and the writing process has become more arduous for her than ever — but the unconditional love of a dog ca… Continue reading

See a curious cat and 29 of the cutest animal photos of the week

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