The History of Butterfly Koi

Butterfly kois, also known as Longfin Kois or Dragon Carps are characterized by their slender bodies and long flowing fins and barbels. They are usually white, yellow or orange in color and come in most of the traditional Nishikigoi patterns such as the Aka Bekko, Kohaku, Sanke, Shiro Bekko, and… Continue reading

Butterfly Magic In Benalmadena

When you are choosing a holiday destination one of the great added extras is being able to get to know some of the local wildlife that call your destination their home. One of the most popular destinations for wildlife tourism is the Spanish resort, Benalmadena. The resort was not always… Continue reading

Plush Frog Toy

There are some plush frog toys on the market that are simply too cute to resist. With soft, plush fur, a plush frog toy is a lovely companion for any child. Unlike the real thing, they are so delightfully snuggable, it makes them all the more appealing. In 2008, 163… Continue reading

Food for Vegetarians

Nowadays more and more people want to become true vegetarians, so they have to follow a certain healthy eating style or also known as vegetarian diet. To be specific, the typical vegetarian diet is supposed to include a lower body mass index, lower cholesterol, as well as reduced risk of… Continue reading

The Curieuse Marine National Park ? A Wonder Of Nature

Described as “a wonder of nature” – this park is a place you must visit whilst you journey in the breathtakingly beautiful island of Seychelles.  The park is the home of rare species like the black parrot and the large star tortoise. Travellers to this park are surely in for… Continue reading