The Dangers and Risks of Animal Hoarding

In an attempt to learn the true reasoning behind animal hoarding, which has been an issue amongst some animal owners for a great many years, veterinarians and animal rights activists have taken their research to a new and heightened level. What has been discovered lives in the realm of the… Continue reading

Hatching Egyptian Turtles in an Incubator

Tortoises are wonderful creatures to have as pets. They make no noise, they are slow, and they mind their own business. Egyptian tortoises are the smallest of the tortoise family and are mainly found in the Northern Hemisphere. They have adapted over the years to the dry conditions of the… Continue reading

Top Five Tips For Tortoise Health

In order to care for your tortoise correctly there are a few signs and symptoms of illness that you should be aware of. If you understand these you will have a better idea when to take your pet to the vet and when you can care for it yourself. Firstly get… Continue reading

Building A Tortoise Table – Beginners to Advanced !

Can you be confident in getting quality tortoise table blueprints for a particular design you have wanted to tackle but weren’t sure how to get started? Save yourself some big headaches; before you start a design, first you should get set up with the “helping hand” you require. Take a… Continue reading

4 Tips on Choosing the Right Animal Rug

The world of exotic animal rugs is indeed fascinating. It is impossible not to love those adorable animals and people are constantly on the lookout for the best animal print rugs that display their preference. With a little research, it is not difficult locating the perfect animal rug you love.… Continue reading