Vegetarian Zone Diet

You probably thought that the Zone diet was all meat and little vegetables. You may be right in a way as the main food recommended in the diet is chicken and fish. But this does not mean that vegetarian Zone diet does not exist. Zone diet is not meant only… Continue reading

Herman Tortoise – (Testudo Hermanni)

The Herman is often spelled in various different forms. For clarity it is often more advantageous to use the Latin name as this will be recognized all over the world. This species is one of the smaller species and is a very popular choice to keep as a pet. However,… Continue reading

Tortoise – Pets For Life!

If you are thinking of getting a little baby tortoise to care for there a number of things to consider before embarking on this major decision. These creatures are one of the longest lived creatures on the planet. But, only if they are cared for in the correct type of… Continue reading

Tomato Frog For Sale

Man has made innumerable types of gifts. From a simple chocolate to advanced robot pets, the list is endless. But none of man-made artificial gifts can compete with the ingenuity of Mother Nature. The captive bred Tomato Frog for Sale at the online stores is better than anyone else’s. Nature… Continue reading

What She Does To Make Her Animal Portraiture

Giving a gift has a built in hazard. There’s usually a waiting period before you learn if the gift was liked. If the gift was addressed to the president then there would be more weight on your shoulders. It was mandatory that she sign a visitors log before she could… Continue reading