Expert Tip – Insulated Glazed Units – Part 2

The gases used within the panes glass in an IGU is as follows. Argon (most commonly used in vinyl windows) Krypton (High thermal retention properties) Xenon (Most expense with equal benefits) The benefit of having windows with these gases in between the pane is reduced condensation and heat loss. The… Continue reading

Andy Dalton overcomes miscues to lead Horned Frogs past Mustangs

After falling behind 17-14 early in the third quarter, Dalton bounced back to lead the Horned Frogs (4-0) to touchdowns on their next three drives. With TCU ahead 35-17, entire sections in the Ford Stadium-record crowd of 35,481 began heading home.  The folks in purple stayed til the end, but… Continue reading

Caring For African Dwarf Frogs – Aquarium Setup Basics

Like any other aquatic pet, African dwarf frogs have care requirements that help them stay healthy and live a long time. Just because these frogs are tiny doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to have lots of space to move around in, and clear, warm water. But what exactly are the… Continue reading

Clyde Peelings Reptiland in Pennsylvania – A Great Vacation and Travel Destination

Clyde Peeling’s Reptiland is a great place to visit if you like exotic reptiles! You will see pythons, cobras, vipers, mambas, huge alligators, and plenty of other exotic reptiles and amphibians. The zoo is AZA accredited and specializes in reptiles. It is great to visit any time of year, but… Continue reading

Top Giant Animal Species Before Dinosaur Era

Have you ever thought about the life of animal species before dinosaur era? You will have the right answer for this matter after reading “Walking with Monsters”. It provides specialist knowledge of more than 600 scientists to help us discover wonderful and frequently terrifying creatures that lived before the Age… Continue reading