The Bar Butterfly

Anyone who works in hospitality will recognise that ubiquitous creature the barfly, propping up the bar whilst pouring huge quantities of booze down their perennially babbling trap, are the tell-tale characteristics of this never extinct specie.   But this is not about the barfly; this article is about a far… Continue reading

The Rush to Prosperity May Be Ill-Advised

When I was around six years old, someone read me the fable about the Tortoise and Hare. It was explained to me that a tortoise was a turtle and a hare was a rabbit. As a child, I could relate to the race in which they were engaged. I don’t… Continue reading

Animal Products Favored By Consumers And Livestock In The Spring To The Right

Winter, due to the occurrence of bird flu, poultry and other poultry products prices have been “diving”, the consumer also purchases a significant decline in the market has not seen many birds disappeared. In sharp contrast to the rising sales of livestock products, and prices have increased to some extent,… Continue reading

Ten animals have shortest life cycle

Colorful animal world is so interesting for humankind to explore. It is the diversity of genres with different life spans which contributes to the ecosystem balance. It has been searched that the Galapagos tortoises can live during 177 years due to good adaptation to the environment; however, there are some… Continue reading

Visiting Charles Darwin’s Galapagos Islands

Charles Darwin first came across the Galapagos Islands in 1835, when returning home from an educational visit to South America where he had been collecting animals and fossils and studying the geology of the region. He spent five weeks studying the flora and the fauna of the region, but it… Continue reading