TODAY July 10 – Sunni’s History Notes

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Wilum H. Pugmire chats with William F. Nolan and Jason & Sunni Brock!

Author Wilum Pugmire leads a discussion with genre legend Nolan and his cohorts Jason and Sunni Brock— fresh from their appearance at Lovecraft’s Visions — HPL@SAM — about their new anthology The Devil’s Coattails,  looming appearances at SF in SF and The Buffalo International Film … Continue reading

New interview with Jason V Brock, Sunni K Brock and William F. Nolan at KillerCon 3, 2011!

Check out this great new interview! Much new info about LOTS of projects!!

Thanks to Gard Goldsmith! And KillerCon was a BLAST! See you there in 2012!!

(NOTE: Our segment starts at the 31:00 minute mark…)

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Jason V Brock on ‘The Joe Parrington Experience’

William F. Nolan and Jason Image by JaSunni Productions, LLC/Cycatrix Press via Flickr

Had a wide-ranging interview conducted by Joe Parrington on his syndicated show,  ‘The Joe Parrington Experience’ (KLAY 1180 AM). For your listening enjoyment, here’s the … Continue reading