Weird Fiction: The Passing of the Generational Torch


“[Dark Awakenings is] a thinking-man’s book of the macabre…Cardin’s tales are rich with references to Lovecraft, Nietzsche, and other writers whose work gives them unusual philosophic depth.” – Publishers Weekly

“Matt Cardin ranks among the foremost authors of contemporary American horror.” – Laird Barron

“It’s a bold writer who, in this day and age, tries to make modern horror fiction out of theology, but Cardin pulls it off.” – Darrell Schweitzer

“In the tradition of Poe and Lovecraft, Cardin’s accomplishments as a writer are paralleled by his expertise as a literary critic and theorist.” – Thomas Ligotti

“Matt Cardin is one of those rare horror authors who is also a true scholar and intellectual.” – Jack Haringa


“Literate horror fans who have yet to encounter Canadian author Richard Gavin are in for a treat. The lyrical prose is often at a higher level than usual presentations of otherworldly demons and malevolent forces.” – Publishers Weekly

“Richard Gavin is one of the bright new stars in contemporary weird fiction. His richly textured style, deft character portrayal, and powerful horrific conceptions make every one of his tales a pleasure to read.” – S. T. Joshi

“Gavin’s storytelling can be masterly. As with Machen and Blackwood at their best, an epiphany or illumination is achieved, though Gavin’s mysticism is darker and distinctly his own.” – Wormwood


“No one can accuse Stuart Young of avoiding the big issues — with insight and verve, he tackles head-on the existence of God, the mystery of human consciousness and the transformative effects of psychedelic drugs.” – Mark Chadbourne

“Wow, what an impressive story … [The Mask Behind the Face is] ambitious, in fact downright audacious.” – T.E.D. Klein

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The Qwillery: The View From Monday – March 31, 2014

Happy last Monday in March! This is a very full release week including a tremendous number of books out on April 1st. No fooling!


There are 2 debuts:

Irenicon (The Wave Trilogy 1) by Aidan Harte;


Deadroads by Robin Riopelle.

And from formerly featured Debut Author Challenge Authors:

Cursed by Alexa Egan;

The Bird Eater by Ania Ahlborn;

Immortal Hunter (Execution Underground 2) by Kait Ballenger;

Covenant (Books of Raziel 2) by Sabrina Benulis;

Turned (Belladonna Agency 1) by Virna DePaul;

The Ophelia Prophecy by Sharon Lynn Fisher;

Marked (Mindspace Investigations 3) by Alex Hughes;

Drowning in Fire (Elementals 3) by Hanna Martine;

Tomorrow, the Killing (Low Town 2) Daniel Polansky;


Silence for the Dead by Simone St. James.

March 30, 2014

The Wanderer’s Tale (ri) David Bilsborough F – Annals of Lindormyn 1
March 31, 2014

Small Doses of the Future: A Collection of Medical Science Fiction Stories Brad Aiken SF – Collection
Death’s Daughter (e) Kathleen Collins PNR – Realm Walker 2
Minding the Stars: The Early Jack Vance Volume 4 Terry Dowling (ed)
Jonathan Strahan (ed)
SF/F – Collection
Cursed (e) Alexa Egan PNR – The Complete Imnada Brotherhood Novellas
Dangerous Angel (e) Stacy Gail PNR – Earth Angels 4
At Star’s End (e) Anna Hackett SFR
The Compleat Crow Brian Lumley F – Titus Crow Stories
April 1, 2014

The Goblin Emperor Katherine Addison F
The Bird Eater Ania Ahlborn H
Circle of Desire Keri Arthur FR – Damask Circle 3
Wild Wolf Jennifer Ashley PNR – Shifters Unbound 6
Immortal Hunter (e) Kait Ballenger PNR – The Execution Underground 2
Lexicon (h2tp) Max Barry SF
Dark Eden Chris Beckett SF
Hecate’s Own Dana Marie Bell PNR – Heart’s Desire 2
Covenant Sabrina Benulis F/Go – Books of Raziel 2
What the Doctor Ordered Michael Blumlein H – Collection
The Days of the Deer Liliana Bodoc F – Saga of the Borderlands 1
A Killing Notion Melissa Bourbon PCM – Magical Dressmaking Mystery 3
Riveted (tp2mm) Meljean Brook SPR – Iron Seas 3
The Devil’s Eye (e) Dawn Brown GoR – Shivers 10
Blameless (ri) Gail Carriger SP – Parasol Protectorate 3
Changeless (ri) Gail Carriger SP – Parasol Protectorate 2
Soulless (ri) Gail Carriger SP – Parasol Protectorate 1
Quicksilver Soul Christine D’Abo PHR – Shadow Guild 2
The Ugly Woman of Castello di Putti: A Tor.Com Original A.M. Dellamonica F
Turned Virna DePaul PNR – Belladonna Agency 1
The Ophelia Prophecy Sharon Lynn Fisher SFR
Magical Misfire (e) Kimberly Frost PNR – A Southern Witch Novella
Severed Gary Fry H
Vampire’s Hunger Cynthia Garner SFR – Awakening 1
The Revolutions Felix Gilman SF/R
Legacy of Darkness (e) Jane Godman GoR – Shivers 9
The Awakening (ri) Heather Graham
(Shannon Drake)
PNR – Alliance Vampires 5
Darkening Around Me (e) Barbara J. Hancock GoR – Shivers 1
Games Creatures Play Charlaine Harris (ed)
Toni L.P. Kelner (ed)
UF – Anthology
Empty Space: A Haunting (h2tp) M. John Harrison SF/H
Dream a Little Dream (e) Megan Hart PNR
Irenicon: Book 1 of the Wave Trilogy (D US) Aidan Harte F – Wave Trilogy 1
The Crimson Shield Nathan Hawke F – Gallow 1
Marked Alex Hughes SF – Mindspace Investigations 3
Ghost of a Gamble Sue Ann Jaffarian PCM – Ghost of Granny Apples 4
Tempting the Demon Elle James PNR
Enchanting the Beast Kathryne Kennedy PHR – Relics of Merlin 4
Wicked Games Angela Knight PNR – Collection
Appalachian Overthrow (h2mm) E.E. Knight SF – Vampire Earth 10
Baltic Gambit E.E. Knight SF – Vampire Earth 11
The Frangipani Hotel Violet Kupersmith Gh – Collection
When He Was Bad (ri) Shelly Laurenston
Cynthia Eden
PNR – Stories
The Fearful Gates Ross Lawhead F – An Ancient Earth 3
Into the Void: Star Wars Tim Lebbon SF – Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi
The Forever Knight (h2mm) John Marco F – Bronze Knight 1
Drowning in Fire Hanna Martine PNR – Elementals 3
Step Back in Time Ali McNamara TTR
Like a Dead Man Walking William F. Nolan
Jason V. Brock (ed)
SF/H – Collection
Ghost Seer Robin D. Owens PNR – Ghost Seer 1
Tomorrow, the Killing Daniel Polansky DF – Low Town 2
Stoker’s Manuscript (h2tp) Royce Prouty H
Prince’s Fire Amy Raby FR – Hearts and Thrones 3
Fall Rod Rees SF/Dys – Demi-Monde Saga 4
Evil Never Dies Mick Ridgewell H
Deadroads: A Novel of Supernatural Suspense (D) Robin Riopelle Su/Sus
Keith Roberts SF Gateway Omnibus Keith Roberts SF – SF Gateway Omnibus
Shattered Moon Moira Rogers PNR – Bloodhounds
Black Rose (e) Jenna Ryan GoR – Shivers 3
Silence for the Dead Simone St. James Go
Bob Shaw SF Gateway Omnibus Bob Shaw SF – SF Gateway Omnibus
Conversations with William Gibson Patrick A. Smith (ed) SF – Literary Conversations
Running Free Jorrie Spencer PNR – Northern Shifters 5
Angel City (h2mm) Jon Steele Su/P – Angelus Trilogy 2
The Homecoming (h2tp) Carsten Stroud Su/H – Niceville 2
From Civil War to World War Peter G. Tsouras AH – Britannia’s Fist Trilogy1
The Seventh Child Erik Valeur Go
Circle of Blood Debbie Viguie F/P – Witch Hunt 3
The Way of All Flesh Tim Waggoner H
Mark of the Bear NJ Walters PNR – Hades’ Carnival 2
The King J.R. Ward PNR – Black Dagger Brotherhood 12
Gothic Science Fiction: 1980-2010 Sara Wasson (ed)
Emily Alder (ed)
April 2, 2014

The Devil in America: A Tor.Com Original Kai Ashante Wilson F

D – Debut
e – eBook
h2mm – Hardcover to Mass Market Paperback
h2tp – Hardcover to Trade Paperback
ri – Reissue or Reprint

AH – Alternate History
DF – Dark Fantasy
Dys – Dystopia
F – Fantasy
FR – Fantasy Romance
Gh – Ghosts
Go – Gothic
GoR – Gothic Romance
H – Horror
LC – Literary Criticism
P – Paranormal
PCM – Paranormal Cozy Mystery
PHR – Paranormal Historical Romance
PNR – Paranormal Romance
SF – Science Fiction
SFR – Science Fiction Romance
SP – Steampunk
SPR – Steampunk Romance
Su – Supernatural
Sus – Suspense
TTR – Time Travel Romance
UF – Urban Fantasy

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Easy cheats: 10 foods to have on hand for entertaining

Putting together a party can be an exhausting effort, but it doesn’t need to be. Check out these quick and easy ideas, and get ready to wow your friends — with minimal time and effort!Taco barTaco bars are an easy way to get dinner on the table, since people love personalizing their own plates.


image image image image image


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Paula Deen’s comeback continues with plans for new restaurant in Tennessee

Paula Deen is laying out plans for the first major venture in her multimillion-dollar comeback effort: a new restaurant in Tennessee. The Georgia-based celebrity cook said she will open “Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen” late this summer in Pigeon Forge, Tenn.


image image image image image


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Taste test: TODAY reviews Ben & Jerry’s new ‘Core’ flavors

If eating ice cream for breakfast is wrong, we don’t want to be right.Ice cream kings Ben & Jerry’s unveiled their new “Core” line on Monday and had to get to the bottom of the revolutionary ice cream containers (literally).


image image image image image


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