Add extra counter space with these 5 D-I-Y kitchen islands

Looking for some extra counter space when whipping up dinner?Having a kitchen island can be a big help when it comes to heavy cooking, but it can also be a big expense, particularly when professionals get involved to create custom pieces.



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TODAY’s Takeaway: Savannah overshares; Billy Crystal brings ‘700 Sundays’ to TV

1. Savannah admitted to oversharing pregnancy details in the second installment of her baby blog, “Savannah’s Maternity Musings.

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Nameless Digest Issue #3, edited by Jason V Brock & S.T….

Nameless Digest Issue #3, edited by Jason V Brock & S.T. Joshi, Cycatrix Press, 2013. Info:

Nameless Digest Issue #3, edited by Jason V Brock & S.T. Joshi, Cycatrix Press, 2013. Info:

“Nameless Digest is an exciting, outstanding biannual journal of the macabre and esoteric. It features articles, artwork, interviews, and fiction from some of the best in the fields of the Weird, science fiction, and horror, both classic and fresh voices, and all new. Nameless also presents outstanding reviews and scholarship of literature, cinema, and comics in a full-color, eye-catching format. The intended goal of Nameless is to meld divergent (even challenging) critical perspectives on a variety of subjects – fiction, music, art, film, social commentary – and present them with the best content (literary, artistic, and, in the case of the website, multimedia) we can muster. Nameless was conceived from the outset as a thought-provoking biannual print periodical, as well as a year-round online destination for the intellectually adventurous. We strive to achieve this via the alchemy of innovative discourse, high production values, and rigorous editorial standards. Though the focus will always be on the macabre, weird, uncanny and esoteric, Nameless will also be a bastion for the under-appreciated idea, the unexplored possibility, the poorly understood concept. We are not a home for the pedestrian, the obvious, the common. It is a state of mind as much as anything, and as such is accepting of anyone that is curious, thoughtful and rational.”


Fiction & Poetry
Nicole Cushing – “The Mirrors”
Airika Sneve – “Abysmoira”
Nicole J. LeBoeuf – “Lambing Season”
K. M. Tonso – “Silver Hairs among the Gold”
Yancho Cholakov (Translated by Kalin M. Nenov) – “Asked the Soldier, “Who Called Me?”“
Mike Allen – “Monster”
Edward Morris – “The Part of Me They Could Not Kill Went On To Organize…”
David Agranoff – “The Classroom: A Vignette”
Therese Arkenberg – “The Witch Hunter’s Account”
JC Crumpton – Selected Poetry
Marc Venema – Selected Poetry
Ed Higgins – Selected Poetry
Kelda Crich – Selected Poetry

Nonfiction & Interviews
Hank Shore – Three Short Articles
Shade Rupe – Jean Rollin retrospective
Sam Gafford – The Man Who Saved (W. H.) Hodgson!
Jason V Brock – Bryan K. Ward (Interview)
Aaron J. French – Column

Bryan K. Ward
Marc Bilgrey
Ron Sanders
Jason V Brock

Reviews by
Sunni K Brock
Stephanie M. Wytovich
Don Webb

8:00 am |

Marzo 16 2014

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January Jones joins Instagram, and looks great doing it

It surprises us sometimes when we think we have a celebrity pegged as a fairly private person and then she turns around and starts sharing her life on social media. "Mad Men" star January Jones fits that bill — she jumped on Instagram a week ago.Don’t get us wrong. We’re happy to have her.image


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Mind Meld: Our Favorite Women Horror Writers

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